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NicodermCQ: Quit smoking nicotine patches.

NicodermCQ, is a, band-aid, like, patch, designed to release nicotine into the blood stream. It can take several hours for the nicotine to hit your bloodstream. But when it does the user gets a steady stream of nicotine for as long as the patch is worn. Nicoderm CQ and other nicotine replacement therapy options only supply the nicotine, which is only one of the addictive things about tobacco.

People should not smoke or chew tobacco when using any form of nicotine replacement therapy. The nicotine levels in your blood will increase dramatically. This can be dangerous, especially if you already have heart/cardio problems. Nicotine is extremelly addictive, even in small doses, so it doesn't make good sense to use them to quit smoking or chewing tobacco.

NicodermCQ, comes is three different strengths designed to gradually step down nicotine usage over ten weeks. NicodermCQ costs about $300 for the full program.

Known side effects: Rash; reaction to the adhesive on the patch, or a reaction to the nicotine. Sleep Disturbance Sleep disturbance almost always occurs in people who use the 24-hour patch. Since your mind is unaccustomed to receiving nicotine while asleep, it can cause strange effects, like more vivid dreams. Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs may increase respiratory effects.

Highest reviewed quit smoking/chewing tobacco program

  1. Make quitting smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco easy.  
    Replace your cigarettes or chew tobacco with specially designed homeopathic spray bottles from
    SmokeDeter.com  Every time you get a craving for tobacco reach for the little spray bottle and put a little under your tongue.  Works fast to calm your cravings.
  2. Take advantage of the online quit tobacco support program from SmokeDeter.com  It’s free for life after you start using the homeopathic remedy.
  3. Enjoy living without cigarettes or chewing tobacco!

The truth is you don’t need cigarettes or chew to relax. There are many ways to avoid a cigarette or chew.  Healthy alternatives that can help you quit and improve your well being.  Just taking a walk or doing some stretches is enough to keep you from smoking.  But it usually takes more to break the habit for good.  For me, just replacing my cigarettes with the homeopathic spray bottle from SmokeDeter.com worked to help me finally quit. If you or someone you know is addicted to tobacco and would like to quit. Now is your chance to do finally do it.  Don’t let tobacco ruin your life.  Learn ways to stop smoking or chewing and become free of nicotine addiction.  YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

All it takes is a little motivation to get started, and a good program to help you get there.  I have reviewed over 100 ways to quit smoking or chewing tobacco and include information about how to quit smoking or chewing tobacco to help motivate you.  If you want to stop smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, now is the time to get it done.  See for yourself how easy it can be to quit. Take advantage of the expert quit smoking/chewing tobacco program available from SmokeDeter.com  

Side effects from smoking and chewing can be life threatening. Lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, heart attack, periodontal disease, high blood pressure, emphysema, and mouth cancer are all caused by addiction to tobacco.  

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to save money, improve your health and overall quality of life.  Start today!

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